16 April 2020

Přemysl Zíka - 25 études romantiques oubliées

Přemysl Zíka sent me the set "25 études romantiques oubliées". In his email, Přemysl tells me that they are 25 forgotten puzzles in his archive and that they were not published in his collections. He has given me his permission to share this set on my blog.

The title of the set recalls Franz Liszt's Valses oubliées ("Forgotten Waltzes"). Indeed, they are "romantic studies", with great doses of creativity and imagination.

I have solved the first puzzles and they are all amazing. There are some very difficult, beyond my reach. Sokoban fans have guaranteed entertainment.

Download here: 

You can also download this collection on the Přemysl Zíka website, here.

Take care!

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