07 June 2011

Zeek the Geek

Zeek the Geek 1.1
Part One. "Zeek's Wacky World"
Part Two. "More Adventures in Zeek's Wacky World"

Author: Paul H. Smith / Sidewalk Software
Website: pauls-place.awardspace.com/zeek.html
Released: March
2000. First version 1.0, August 1995 
License: freeware

Part One  

The nice Zeek needs to collect the flowers and treasures of each puzzle, which provide scores, and you must to go to the delicious edible mushroom, but careful with the poisonous flowers and mushrooms!, and especially be careful to carnivorous flowers! "Part One: Zeek's Wacky World" contains 15 fun and ingenious puzzles. In "Part Two: More Adventures in Zeek's Wacky World" (30 puzzles) are new elements and two nice characters: Piclasops, the dinosaur that eating flowers, and Atomic Eyes, which shoots laser beams.

All the puzzles are really clever and graphic design is incredibly nice.

The file "Part Two" includes six packs with more collections:
- "Nice 'n Easy" (30 puzzles)
- "Challenge Pack" (30 puzzles)
- "Puzzles Galore" (60 puzzles)
- "Challenge Pack II" (30 puzzles)
- "Kid's Stuff" (30 puzzles)
- "Fun Pack" (5 puzzles)

I solved the puzzles of "Part One" and now I'm solving the "Part Two". The puzzles in this second part are more difficult and some I have had to repeat several times ... If you have a small oversight, the carnivorous flower swallow you, or the traitor Atomic Eyes - always hidden in a corner - to strike you with his laser beam ... The puzzle I'd liked very much is the # 17: almost did not solve it, but the solution is as simple as ingenious. This is the kind of puzzles that I like. Do you think you're be able to solve the puzzle # 17? :)



  1. Nice game from my past!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the good time I've gone, and thank again for making a game so nice ;)

  3. muchas gracias a mi niño le gusta mucho zeek se divierten de lo lindo. Gracias

  4. I have gone through all of Zeek 1, Zeek 2, Zeek Galore, and Zeek Fun Pack.

    To get through level 17 of Zeek 2, do this:
    Get the key first before putting other apples out to get back up in the top left corner. Push the last apple up and feed the top center flower. Then go through the door. Behind the door, push the first ball as far as possible, then that crystal up as far as possible. Dodge the dragon, then you can get up to the top and push the two crystals together.


  5. try search 'SUPER ZEEK' in appstore, you can play this game on ios devices.

  6. Zeek the Geek in HTML5 https://frank-deng.github.io/zeek-the-geek/index.html