24 January 2012

Přemysl Zíka

Přemysl Zíka is a new Czech author who last October published a collection of 168 puzzles. The collection seems to have a systematic intention, exploring the constructive possibilities of Sokoban, from puzzles with only 2 or 3 boxes, until other very complex puzzles. Přemysl Zíka seems to be interested in a special way by the structure of the puzzles. There are very beautiful and frankly interesting puzzles.

Especially out-standing is the last puzzle of the collection (pz233, see image), of high difficulty (difficulty rating: 9). To solve it is necessary to study very well how the boxes are loaded in the goals area, and at the same time pay a lot of attention in the movement of the boxes around the store room, taking maximum advantage of all the spaces.

You can download Přemysl Zíka's collections on his website.

Přemysl email is very interesting. I reproduce a few paragraphs:
Dear Jordi Domenech,

I greatly appreciate your positive assessment and collection of puzzles you like. Small or lighter levels or puns I composed for my daughters (8 and 5 years). Emerged gradually, with years of breaks, sometimes from 1990 to 2011 and the first time published in the autumn of 2011. Since then I have created only about 10 levels.

My consent to disclosure of collection of 168 (+9 others) puzzles, of course, I give you, it's an honor for me. I'll be happy if they find puzzles response among the other solvers. Your website and your puzzles known, I've a number of them solved.

If you decide to put it one my riddle (for example 233) directly to the your website alongside such greats as ZiKo, Aymeric du Peloux and others, it will be the highest award for me.

I send another levels (169-177).
  Přemysl Zika
  Czech Republic 

10 January 2012

SokoStation variations

A new collection. Click on the image or title to download

SokoStation variations
Authors: Ghislain Martin and Jordi Domènech
January 2012. 95 puzzles

This collection brings together 95 "variations" of the puzzles of Ghislain Martin, most of them belonging to his fantastic collection "SokoStation". Some of these "variations" are very difficult. I hesitated if include them in this selection, because all that is gained in difficulty, is lost in fun. Ghislain Martin puzzles are very clever and very fun, however, these "variations" are at risk of being difficult and boring. I recommend this: If you can't solve a puzzle, leave it for last, and try to solve the following. Enjoy!