01 April 2012

20603 (Yongzhong Zou)

"20603" (pseudonym of Yongzhong Zou) is one of the most prestigious Sokoban creators in China. Unfortunately, little I can say about the levels of 20603, because they were unknown to me until very recently. So I hope the contributions on this blog of other fans better informed than I am.

However, I have now gathered all the puzzles of 20603. In total there are 30 levels, which I publish in a single set. I think they are all. I've ordered the levels according to its serial number: first, the 1001 series (18 levels, plus two simplified versions of "Long March", which he attributed to 20603, but that also could have intervened other authors); next, the 6001 series (7 puzzles); and at the end, three "odd" levels: two were posted in the old SuperSoko forum, and the last is the level of the recent MF8 32nd Sokoban Competition (March 2012).

With regard to the dates of creation of the levels (series 1001 and 6001), I think that they date from the years 2000-2002, although I'm not sure.

Yang Chao (sokoban.ws/) has had the great kindness to translate into English the Chinese titles of all levels, and he has also managed the Yongzhong Zou permission to publish them on this blog. I am very grateful to
Yongzhong Zou and Yang Chao.

I have done two files. A file in Unicode format, with the original titles of the levels in Chinese; and another file in ANSI format, with titles translated into English, and you can open with any Sokoban program. You can download both files here:


Note: All the puzzles are "original", i.e. with the maps without "normalize". I stress this because there are in Internet many puzzles of 20603 with "normalized" maps, which disfigures the drawing of the puzzles in many cases.

I have a vague information that many puzzles of 20603 refer to any story or event. For example:

- Level 1005: commemorates "the 6.4 event" anniversary: June 4, 1989 is the date of the Tiananmen Square incident.
- Level 1006: "The Hong Kong's return": On 1 July 1997, the transfer of sovereignty from United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China occurred, officially ending 156 years of British colonial rule. "One country, two systems" is an idea originally proposed by Deng Xiaoping, then Paramount Leader of the People's Republic of China, for the reunification of China during the early 1980s.

And so on each of the puzzles... If someone can provide more information in this regard, I gladly publish it on this blog.

20603 edited a website between the years 2000-2005. URL on the Internet Archive:
Unfortunately, most files are not retained.

I have also collected 38 remodels of other authors (York Shen, Marek Letrab, LZY, gyjgw, Tian Lang...), and that perhaps I will publish later.

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