14 April 2012

Přemysl Zíka

Level 211 Nut to crack

Přemysl Zíka has sent me a new set with 44 new puzzles. You can download it  here:

The most prominent puzzle is, without doubt, the Level 211 "Nut to crack", that Přemysl describes as "extremely difficult". In his email, he says: " 'Nut to crack': very difficult for me, I dealt with about 2 weeks; I look  forward to a successful solver (difficulty for me: 10++)!!" Thus, the experts in difficulty are already in work for a while.

But in this new set there are other levels more affordable for the vast majority of fans. Some are a real delight. Still I have not solved all, but for the moment, I choose these three:

Level 183

An incredible "toy". More than one will break the head prior to find how it works this curious artifact. In this set there are several puzzles of this style, that Přemysl called "joke problem". Difficulty: 5

Level 194

Přemysl says: "I trying to create a 2x3 Series "Sokoban Lessons - Six", in my typical style". Excellent! Difficulty: 5

Level 198

My favorite! Difficulty: 6

This is the kind of puzzles that I like, and that create new fans to Sokoban!

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