15 July 2012

Magic Sokoban 3

Magic Sokoban 3
July 2012. 100 puzzles
Third collection of "Magic Sokoban". 

This new set is dedicated to Kevin B. Reilly (click on the title to download)


  1. Marcus Hof16 July, 2012

    Hi Jordi,
    finally there is your third part of Magic Sokoban. I loved the first two parts of this collection and after I played a few levels of the third part I love it too. You did a great job ! Excellent work, Jordi. Keep it up. You really are one of the best sokoban-authors.
    And before I forget it : it is alway a honour for me when I see variations of my levels in your level collections. That shows me that my levels are not too bad. ;-)

    By the way, are there no new levels from Kevin B. Reilly ? Did he retire from sokoban ? I miss new levels from him.

    Revenge 39 will come within the next five to six weeks.
    Enjoy, have fun and keep thinking like a sokoban. :-) :-)

    1. Dear Marcus,
      Again, thank you very much!
      In this world so ugly, dominated by fear (fear of everything: poverty, disease, foreigners of other faiths and cultures, and even fear of mice...), I pursue a little beauty. And... oh surprise!, also can be found beauty in Sokoban. If I had managed to create 2 or 3 beautiful puzzles, I considered well spent all the time lost in this.

      The latest Kevin puzzles are from 2005 or 2006 (2044 levels in total). I do not know if it has built over. I've dedicated this set since I've used many puzzles him, and as a tribute to your excellent work