05 October 2012


随风而逝 ("suifeng er shi" = "Gone with the Wind", according Bing Translator) sent me by email his collection of 47 levels. These are the levels that 随风而逝 has been built so far, but probably in the future be added other new levels to the collection.

You can download this 47 levels here:

I have translated the Chinese titles of the levels. I used Bing Translator and Google Translator. If there is any errors in the translations - which is likely - I apologize. The "suifeng er shi_47_Unicode" file is the original collection, with titles in Chinese.

In the Chinese forum MF8 have been posted several excellent remodels of some puzzles of 随风而逝. In the file "suifeng er shi_arrangements" I have collected some (not all) of these remodels. Enjoy!

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