03 December 2012

Přemysl Zíka - Primus gradus ad Olympo

Přemysl Zíka has sent me his new collection "Primus gradus ad Olympo" ("First steps to Olymp"). In principle, the collection was addressed to beginners, but has been expanded with more difficult puzzles for advanced players.

You can download the collection in Přemysl Zíka website, or in this direct link:

Primus gradus ad Olympo (111 puzzles, December 2012)

In total there are 111 puzzles: 100 original puzzles, plus 10 remodels, more a funny last puzzle-bonus. They are sorted according to the number of boxes, and secondly, according to the difficulty (on a scale 1 to 9). I have solved some of the last (of difficulty "only" 5) and I have had to put my elbows on the table...

The Přemysl Zíka puzzles are unlike those of any other author. Sometimes, some puzzles have reminded me to Sven Egevad, but it is a mirage.
Přemysl has created a Sokoban "universe" completely personal and original, based on a rigorous "logical" construction of their puzzles, that, sometimes, more than puzzles, seem strange "mechanisms" and surprising artifacts.


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