06 January 2013

Alberto Garcia remixed

A new collection for 2013

Alberto Garcia remixed
Authors: Alberto García and Jordi Doménech
January 2013. 90 puzzles

In a few months, between June and December 2002, Alberto García published 1000 puzzles, distributed in several collections. Alberto was a student of 18 years old. All of puzzles are very simple and easy, but there are some good ideas. I've remodeled some puzzles, and I have ordered according to increasing difficulty, although none of them exceeds the medium difficulty, typical of the Thinking Rabbit puzzles. I am sure that in this "remixed" set, Sokoban fans will discover a new Alberto García.


  1. Přemysl Zíka19 January, 2013

    That are romantic gems! Some levels are quite difficult. Sure to please all lovers of this game.

    It is not easy to choose the most beautiful levels from this collection.

    Here are my favorites (title):
    Alberto Garcia 1-3 #36
    Birthday #70
    Birthday #123 Other beautiful strategy level
    Bonus #19
    Bonus #38
    Alberto Garcia 1-2 #6
    Birthday #109 Another level of twins...
    Fantasy #29
    Fantasy #34
    Fantasy #41
    Alberto #12
    Fantasy #50 The end
    Alberto Garcia 1-1 #17
    Alberto #26
    Birthday #138 The cross of boxes...
    Birthday #169 Let me think a minute or more...!
    Alberto Garcia 1-2 #4
    Birthday #84 (the most amazing!)

    Many thanks

    1. Dear friend, once again many thanks!!! In fact, I am learning from your style and in this collection I have plagiarized many ideas of yours :)