10 April 2013

New Sokoban games

These days I have spent time to dive in Internet, to update my file of Sokoban games and Sokoban variants (for Windows). These are some games I've found.

March 2013
License: freeware
Country: Czech Republic

Remake of the classic game BrainSport (1991) by Arno van der Hulst for ZX Spectrum. Contains the 99 levels of the original game, plus many other puzzles created by the author, up to a total of 200 levels. There is a time to solve each level. Score according to moves and time spent on solving each level. Very good design and usability.

Push the Box
Maximize Games
Big Fish Games
January 2013
License: commercial (9.99 $)
Country: Indonesia


It should release the prisoners and open the way between the boxes until you reach the exit. As the level progresses new elements appear that hinder the game: ice blocks, tiles with spikes, a guardian, traps... There are 100 puzzles.


Pequepon Magical Blocks 2.0
January 2012
License: freeware
Country: USA


Sokoban in pseudo 3D quite lively, with birds flying, flowers, etc. Recommended for children. 90 levels of the "Original" collection + XSokoban. As you solve levels appear various obstacles that hinder the game, and other levels walls have been removed to facilitate the solution. The game is saved automatically.

Tyron Harford
October 2011
License: Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
Country: New Zealand

267 collections and more than 18,000 puzzles. "Highscores": registration of solved puzzles, with date, number of moves and time spent. The "Save" option allows you to save a game to restart it at another time. Can be added new collections of puzzles, in format .xml (folder "Levels" ), as well as new skins in .bmp format (folder "Graphics").

Cubeakon - Demo 1.2
Preston Slaton
October 2011
Country: USA

30 levels. Great graphic design. In fact, it is a variant of Sokoban with walls that disappear when they are pushed. Ranking according to time, moves and pushes.

Сокобан в космосе (Space Sokoban)
July 2011
License: freeware
Country: Rusia

111 puzzles, most of them I think of well known authors. Languages​​: English, Russian. If you register you can participate in the ranking of players by score ("Leaderboard"). It has an excellent editor to create your own levels. Registered members can play online and send their levels at the server directly from the game.

Sokoblok 1.00
Bartosz Skotarek
July 2011
License: freeware
Country: Poland
This program allows you to play the puzzles created by the users themselves. In the initial window, if you select "Wyszukaj poziomy" you enter the archive of puzzles. First, register your nick name: click in the icon of white color, bottom-right (next to the arrow of exit). To play, select a puzzle from the list on the left. There are currently 47 puzzles. To refresh the list and download new puzzles: click on the circular arrow, down-right. There is a ranking of the top 10 players according to time spent on solving each puzzle.

To edit a puzzle, in the initial screen select "Stwórz własny poziom" ("Create your own levels"). The editor allows you to create puzzles with boxes/goals of up to 5 different colors. One drawback: there is no the element "box-in-goal" (and "player-in-goal"). To send the puzzle to the server, click on the diskette icon. The program you will be asked to write a title for the puzzle and then a nick name (the "copyright" of the puzzle will appear in the lower right corner in the screen of the puzzle).

Sokoban game Stand-alone version 3.0.8
English version: www.365freesoft.com/sokoban.html
Chinese version: cn.365freesoft.com/sokoban.html
December 2012. Version 2.0: September 2010
License: freeware
Country: China

It is the popular collection Box World (1992) of Jeng-Long Jiang (selection of 100 puzzles of Thinking Rabbit). Excellent skin.

Joachim Holmér
Language: Java
Country: Sweden

Amazing program in Java. The puzzles are a variant of Sokoban, with normal boxes (red color) and sliding (blue color). Excellent design. There are 20 levels, some very difficult. There is a record of puzzles solved, with time and moves. It has an editor.

Sokoban 1.11b
October 2007. Version 1.0: August 2007
License: freeware
Country: Russia

Excellent graphic design. 50 levels of the "Original" collection. Click on the screen with the right button and choose the language: English, French, Russian, Ukrainian.

Wlochaty Wlodzimierz
Marzena Mikołowska  (aka ~Zmarzlena)
April 2007
License: freeware
Country: Poland

Simple program but with excellent graphic design. 20 puzzles that seem original (except #8). Player registration and score in each level.

倉庫番クラシック (Sokoban Classic) 1.44D
高円寺マリオ (Mario Koenji)
January 2006
License: freeware
Country: Japan
Tiny version (Delphy6): download
There are three versions of the program: "Sokoban Classic" (119 puzzles), "Sokoban Classic - Mini" (105 puzzles) and "Sokoban Classic - Tiny" (59 puzzles). All the puzzles are Thinking Rabbit, some of them adapted.

PusherFX 1.1
dzrBeat (aka Dmitry Yevglevsky)
May 2005
License: freeware
Country: Belarus
Excellent program. It contains 90 puzzles from the "Original" + XSokoban.

Sokoban for Windows 1.0
David Cuny
March 2001
Country: USA
Version for Windows based on the program Sokoban for the Macintosh of Scott Lindhurst. It includes several collections of Howard Abed, Skinner, Aymeric du Peloux, Yoshio Murase, Jacques Duthen, J. Franklin Mentzer... You can add new collections (.txt format).

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