12 May 2013


Version 1.0 for Windows (Czech): May 2005. First version for MS-DOS: October 1999
License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)
Country: Czech Republic
Version 1.0 (Czech)

Version 1.3 (English) 
32 extra puzzles
Levels passwords

Berušky is one of my favorite games, not only of Sokoban variants, but of all the logic games. I would not hesitate putting it next to the great mythic games, like Prince of Persia or Lode Runner...

"Berušky" means "ladybug", those friendly red bugs with black spots. Originally a game for DOS, now has versions for Linux and Windows. In total there are 120 puzzles, all incredibly clever and some of great difficulty, designed by Luboš Doležal and grouped in five categories: Training (10 puzzles), Easy (50), Medium (35), Hard (20) and Impossible (5). The puzzles incorporate many new elements: explosives, blocks, special doors that open with the key of the same color, boxes of different types, pickaxes and drills to break walls... In each puzzle you have to collect 5 keys to open the exit door, and sometimes you are available up to 5 ladybugs that cooperate to solve it. Excellent graphic design! The game has a editor.

Martin Stránský, from AnakreoN, tells me that the updated version of Berušky game, is for Linux platforms. However, I have used the first Czech version for Windows, whit music and editor, and it works very well.

In my opinion, these are the levels more tricky and ingenious. I have recorded the solution, but I would like to make this recommendation: if you can't find the solution of a puzzle, let it, and try it again tomorrow. The 90 per cent of the difficult puzzles are solved the next day ;) ... Except the "Impossible" last series, all the levels have solution, although some are very difficult...  My favorite levels = *


Level 10   *   610 moves   Good! The solution is not obvious. It
                           is a nice example of collaboration
                           between the bugs to solve the puzzle 


Level 2        271 moves   Good, nice  

Level 11       254 moves   Tricky! It is difficult to see the
                           solution. Hint: to release the locked
                           bugs, is required the collaboration
                           between other two bugs

Level 29       265 moves   Nice 


Level 1    *   165 moves   Tricky!

Level 2    *   573 moves   Good, fun 

Level 3    *   481 moves   A little difficult... ;)

Level 8        254 moves   Tricky

Level 18   **  216 moves   Very nice and tricky! The interior
                           walls are the words "VIVAT KOMAT", but
                           I have not managed to find out what
                           they mean...

Level 21       236 moves   It's a bit difficult to get the peak
                           of the middle-upper...

Level 23       611 moves   Nice

Level 25   *   225 moves   Very good. It seems difficult, but it
                           is not

Level 30   *   298 moves   A bit complicated, but nice

Level 31       294 moves   It is a little difficult to see the
                           solution of the first part


Level 3        459 moves   It seems complicated, but it is not

Level 5    **  412 moves   Very good! This is one of my favorites

Level 7        227 moves   Tangled...

Level 11   *   380 moves   Good! A bit difficult... ;)

Level 12   *   400 moves   Good, nice 

Puzzles created by the users

The puzzles created by users are my favorite. For the moment, there are in total 32 puzzles (most are from Czech and Slovak authors...). They are really very good! Some are surprisingly and quite difficult...

Next I comment the puzzles that I've liked more. I do not show the solution of these puzzles, and only indicate my result for moves. Probably the authors have spent many hours to build these puzzles (is very laborious build this kind of levels...), and does not seem to me desirable discover the solution...

How to play the puzzles created by users?
1. If you use Windows, download and install the Czech version: Berusky1Win

2. Download the 32 puzzles of users: urovne.zip
3. Create a folder named "Levels" in the same directory as the program. Place the user puzzles in the folder "Levels".
4. In the start menu, click on the floppy disk icon (bottom-right).
5. Select the puzzle you want to play, and click "OK". 

NOTE: In the Windows/Czech version of the game is NOT possible to move explosives through the doors that open with a key, which makes it difficult to solve the puzzle. On the contrary, in the versions of the game for DOS and Windows/English, it is possible. I have solved the puzzles with the Czech version, except in some cases, which indicated in the comments.

My rating:
  *    Very good
  **   Excellent
  ***  Fantastic!

Title      Author     Difficulty  Rating   Moves 

reedic1    dolezall     Medium              274  
Comment: Simple but nice

eagle2     7pzo         Easy                269  
Comment: Nice. It is not difficult, but nor is it obvious 

msmid01    michalsmid   Hard        **      846  
Comment: Very good! Still 1 peak is unnecessary to solve it. It is not easy 

petval     pwl          Medium      *       575  
Comment: Good, ingenious

dudu6      dudu         Medium              201  
Comment: Ingenious, it is not easy to see the solution. Note: With the English version of the program, an error occurs 

level002   radek.sanda  Hard        **      419  
Comment: Very good! It is not difficult, but it has small traps...

bach-01    bach         Medium              301  
Comment: Good, not easy 

bach-02    bach         Medium      *       447  
Comment: Nice and interesting 

bach-03    bach         Hard        ***     175  
Comment: Truly and ingenious, very good! With the Czech version of the game is not possible solve it; I have used the English version 

hradek1    tomix        Medium      *       545  
Comment: Good. It seems easy, but is a bit complicated... 

super      tomix        Medium      **      418  
Comment: Good, a bit difficult

002        ota.nedved   Hard                1527 
Comment: Very difficult and laborious to solve; in addition, the display of the elements is a very confused 

vp         jan.noska    Medium       *      557  
Comment: Good, tricky 

jen_sudy   jan.noska    Hard         *      574  
Comment: Good. There are two difficult areas and three easy 

rb         jan.noska    Hard         *      233  
Comment: Good, tricky. The R is hard but B is so easy 

apoc       apocalyps    Medium       *      538  
Comment: Good, interesting 

haikemono  jordi_d      Easy                390  
Comment: My little contribution... Do you recognize this puzzle? (Yes, it's by Hir...). Note: With the English version, an error occurs, I don't know why. You can download the puzzle here: haikemono.zip

Other comments

dudu4      dudu     I think that it is not solvable with the Czech version, because you cannot get the key from the bottom-right. And with the English version an error occurs

zicho2     michal.lichvar    I have not found solution... (?)

Who is encouraged to build more puzzles? You can send me your new puzzles, or contact AnakreoN. I hope your puzzles!


  1. Thank you for solutions - your solutions are great. This is awsome game. I found all solutions by Domos for Berušky II (Bug's Escape 3D). If it somebody helps? http://ceskehry.wz.cz/navody/berusky2.htm

    (copy save to save folder select a profile Domos and load replay for level) - this is movie solutions by Domos. Best regards.

    1. mistake - almost all are Domas (not Domos) and few Jaromir and Vaclav

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