04 July 2014

Sokoban lessons - Eights & tens

There are very few "eights" (4+4 goals), and most are compact puzzles. So this post will be brief. I also include a selection of "tens" (5+5 goals; see also "Storage: Two rows"). Condition: in the puzzles may have other goals, but independent of the figure, and a maximum of three goals.

You can download all puzzles (except commercial) here:

Author: unknown (Thinking Rabbit)
Title: Sokoban (SEGA, 1985) #75
Note: published later in Sokoban (Game Boy, 1989) #11-06, and Sokoban Perfect (1989) #289
Date: December 1985
Difficulty: 6
Best moves/pushes: 322/99

All the difficulty is to place the first box. However, I post it here because we all remember this classic level.

Author: unknown (Thinking Rabbit)
Title: Ultimate Sokoban (PlayStation, Itochu Corp., 1996), Stage 2 Chapter 4 Level 5
Date: September 1996
Difficulty: 4.5
Best moves/pushes: 930/237

Simple and nice rotary level.

Author: Jean-Pierre Kent
Title: JPK Levels #5
Date: November 1998
Website: sokoban-jd.blogspot.com/2012/10/my-favorite-authors-jean-pierre-kent.html
Difficulty: 4.5
Best moves/pushes: 336/133

Original storage.

Author: monry
Title: monry-light #84 2列倉庫 (Two rows of warehouse)
Date: 1998.12.05
Difficulty: 6
Best moves/pushes: 291/80

Fun! Pay attention to the bottom rooms... See also monry-light #19.

Author: Hirohiko Nakamiya
Title: Joy levels #3
::   *
:: * * *
:: *****

This shape is a character in Japan which means a mountain.
Note: also published in Monster Sokoban 6-6
Date: c. July 2000
Website: miya.s16.xrea.com/selection/bannin/
Difficulty: 6
Best moves/pushes: 214/64

A little gem! Simple, but the solution is not obvious.


Author: François Marques
Title: 100 boxes #6 Zip
Date: November 2001
Website: sokoban.online.fr/
Difficulty: 7.5
Best moves/pushes: 206/65

Spectacular "ten" within a compact structure with four pseudo-rooms in the corners. You think it's possible to move 10 boxes within this trap? See also another nice compact: Le concours du moi - Bonus levels #1.

Author: GRIGoRusha (Evgeny Grigoriev)
Title: Grigr2001 #81 Luja
Date: November-December 2001
Website: grigr.narod.ru/sokoban.htm
Difficulty: 6
Best moves/pushes: 520/149

Funny rotary level, with the storage area in the middle and rooms around.

Author: GRIGoRusha (Evgeny Grigoriev)
Title: Grigr2001 #90 Babochka
Date: noviembre-dic 2001
Website: grigr.narod.ru/sokoban.htm
Difficulty: 7
Best moves/pushes: 143/51

Another spectacular compact "ten", inside a windmill-shaped structure with two stepped arms. See also Grigr2001 #46, and especially GrigrStar #10 (difficult).

Author: GRIGoRusha (Evgeny Grigoriev) + Hirohiko Nakamiya
Title: Remodel Club #47 gri101a
Note: also published in Monster Sokoban 8-6
Date: November 2001. Remodel: 27.5.2003

Difficulty: 8
Best moves/pushes: 728/193

Hard! Which column must be loaded first, the left... or the right? And the million-dollar question: How are loaded? You'll have to think a long while to solve this incredible remodel.

Author: Kenyam (Kenya Maruyama)
Title: Kenyam Set A #15 Double Detour
This appears old-style; boxes are apart from the goal area at the start time.
Usually, such old levels were easy or dull. In this meaning, it's not old-style, but classic in another meaning. Pls try this, if little time to play all.
Revised 05/11/2003
Revised 05/24/2003
Website: www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/7999/soko/skrmc_a.htm
Difficulty: 7.5
Best moves/pushes: 842/222

Excellent! Sophisticated level, very elaborate, like all Kenyam. Two distinct problems: 1) take out the first box, and 2) not less difficult, load the storage area. See also level #14, and especially #44 (difficult).

Author: David W. Skinner
Title: Microban III #29
Date: December 2009
Difficulty: 5
Best moves/pushes: 128/42


Author: David W. Skinner + YASGen + Jordi Doménech
Title: Microban IV #46 Original level #29 simplified b(r)
added a box and a wall - J.D.
generated level - YASGen
redraw map - J.D.
Date: August 2010. Remodel: 2010.9.1

Difficulty: 6
Best moves/pushes: 428/121

One of the last arrangements of this eternal "two rows" Original #29. From Skinner, see also Sasquatch II #4.

Author: Mic + Jordi Doménech
Title: Level of the Month 12/11 - Ten Lives (a)
Set: The beautiful world of remodels 4 #46
Comment: simplification
Date: November 2011. Remodel: 2011.11.15

Difficulty: 7
Best moves/pushes: 572/154

Hard and beautiful storage.

Author: Thomas Reinke
Title: Quagmire 3 #22 Purity of Mind
Date: April 2014
Difficulty: 7
Best moves/pushes: 150/44

Nice compact!

In addition to the levels above-mentioned, see also:

- Manuel Correa #2

- Jordi Doménech
    Magic Sokoban 2 #96, Magic Sokoban 4 #92, Magic Sokoban 5 #91

- Sven Egevad
    SE 1372

- David Holland
    Maelstrom Collection #18

- Hiroki Kanou
    Scratch of etudes #7

- Kevin B. Reilly
    most are compact: kbr860, 929, 948, 1320, 1492, 1708 (difficult), 1752, 1855, 1866, 1935, 1988 (difficult)

- Thomas Reinke
    TBox5 #5; Quagmire #8; Quagmire 2 #13; Quagmire 3 #11, #35, #85

- Thomas Reinke + gyjgw
    TBox5 #1a

- Thinking Rabbit
    Sokoban Perfect #20 (another version: Ultimate Sokoban, Stage 2 #4-3)

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