07 July 2015


The recent collection "AC Diamonds" of Andrej Cerjak has given me the idea to dedicate a post to the topic "pyramids".

A "pyramid" is a triangular structure (usually with two stepped sides), and inside her the goals are usually grouped in the shape of chessboard. The most classic example is the puzzle of Yoshio Sakae, "Pyramid Sokoban" (Sokoban Revenge #283, see below).

You can download all puzzles here:



Author: Yoshio Sakae + York Shen + gyjgw
Title: Sokoban Revenge #283 ピラミッド・ソーコビアン (Pyramid Sokoban) b
added 6 boxes - Y.S.
added a box - gyjgw
Date: 1991. Remodel: January 2004
Difficulty: 6.5
Best moves/pushes: 366/214

"Classic" pyramid. Ideal to practice the technique of the "zipper"...

Author: Howard Abed + gyjgw
Title: Second Set #22 c
Date: 1999. Remodel: 2012.8.15
URL: bbs.mf8-china.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=90724&extra=page%3D1&page=16
Difficulty: 8
Best moves/pushes: 169/57

Hard! Take it calmly.

Author: François Marques + Evgeny Grigoriev + gyjgw
Title: The skull (variation 2) a
Set: Le concurs du mois de novembre 2001
Date: October 2001. Remodel: 2002.8.27 (GRIGoRusha), 2009.4.2 (gyjgw)
Difficulty: 8
Best moves/pushes: 212/58

There is also another remodel hard of GRIGoRusha + York Shen (see version e, Remodel Club #3).

Author: gyjgw
Title: jgw019b
Date: July 2004
Difficulty: 7.5
Best moves/pushes: 1095/474

The layout of the goals is in the form of "string", but is also fun to solve.

Author: gyjgw
Title: gy_0133
Date: August 2004
Difficulty: 7.5
Best moves/pushes: 1081/347

Excellent level, interesting and fun to solve. There are up to 23 remodels of York Shen, LZY, Tian Lang... This is the first version.

Author: Sven Egevad
Title: SE 1228
Date: 2005

Website: www.egevad.nu/sven/
Difficulty: 6
Best moves/pushes: 231/66 (zhenying)

Two mini opposite pyramids. Easy but nice.

Author: Eric F. Tchong + York Shen
Title: Chuchubi 2 #83 Piranha's (a)
Date: February 2008
Difficulty: 6.5
Best moves/pushes: 787/204

Tricky remodel of York Shen.

Author: Vipul Patel
Title: Sokodeal #30
Date: September 2008
Difficulty: 7
Best moves/pushes: 1490/486

Then I post three excellent "pyramids" of Vipul Patel, of average difficulty, but very technical.

Author: Vipul Patel
Title: Sokodeal #32
Date: September 2008
Difficulty: 7.5
Best moves/pushes: 1251/302 (ejsantos123)

Author: Vipul Patel + York Shen
Title: MasterVIP #6 Tri-triangle (d)
Date: June 2008
Difficulty: 8.5
Best moves/pushes: 1459/517

See also MF8 61st Sokoban Competition (Main), remodel of York Shen + anian + gyjgw.

Author: Jordi Domènech
Title: Miniatures - Part One #53 My beatiful Spanish litle tree
Date: December 2010

Website: www.abelmartin.com/rj/sokoban_colecciones.html
Difficulty: 7
Best moves/pushes: 112/29

Author: Dante
Title: Wisdom
Date: 2011.12.27
URL: bbs.mf8-china.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=84540&extra=page%3D1&page=8
Difficulty: 7
Best moves/pushes: 2055/721

Beautiful Christmas tree. There are other remodels more difficult of anian.

Author: TIAOA + 一目了然 + anian
Title: SBMendonca 01 SBM 46 dx2
Date: October 2013. Remodel: 2013.11.7
URL: sokoban.org/level.php?id=79
Difficulty: 7
Best moves/pushes: 3514/1023

Wonderful level and excellent remodel!

Author: TIAOA + anian
Title: SBMendonca 05 SBM LLL 28 a5
Date: June 2015
URL: www.letslogic.com/puzzle_info.php?id=91930
Difficulty: 7.5
Best moves/pushes: 7435/2706

The biggest difficulty is to place the three central boxes of the bottom pyramid.

Author: TIAOA + anian + stopheart
Title: SBMendonca 05 SBM LLL 30 b (33)
Date: June 2015
URL: www.letslogic.com/puzzle_info.php?id=92303
Difficulty: 7
Best moves/pushes: 4269/1730 (Paul)

Another interesting remodel.

Author: Andrej Cerjak + Jordi Domènech
Title: AC Easy #14 Triangle - a
Set: The beautiful world of remodels 6
Date: 2015.6.18
URL: www.letslogic.com/puzzle_info.php?id=92278
Difficulty: 8
Best moves/pushes: 246/70

A little claustrophobic ... Take it calmly.

Bonus! "Triangles"

It is the same type of puzzle that the "pyramid", but the exterior walls they have any form, non-triangular.

Author: monry
Title: monry-light #10 発想はあれですヨ
Date: 1998.10.6
Difficulty: 6
Best moves/pushes: 310/61

Nice level.

Author: Hirohiko Nakamiya
Title: Monster Sokoban 5-3
Date: c. 2000

Website: miya.s16.xrea.com/selection/bannin/
Difficulty: 4
Best moves/pushes: 53/12

Is it a "triangle"? In any case, this puzzle is a little gem.

Author: Ghislain Martin
Title: SokoStation #70 To be three
Date: 2001.5.13

Website: www.sokoban.fr/
Difficulty: 2
Best moves/pushes: 28/7

Another excellent miniature.

Author: François Marques
Title: Sokompact #47 Go up
Date: July 2002

Website: sokoban.online.fr/
Difficulty: 6
Best moves/pushes: 148/51


Author: Evgeny Grigoriev (GRIGoRusha)
Title: GrigrComet #4 Space rocket
Date: 2005.9.19

Website: grigr.narod.ru/sokoban.htm
Difficulty: 8
Best moves/pushes: 374/89

A mini pyramid inside a cross-shaped structure. It seems unsolvable... :P

Author: Jordi Domènech
Title: Miniatures - Part Two #30 From Spain, happy new year 2011 to all Sokoban lovers
Date: December 2010

Website: www.abelmartin.com/rj/sokoban_colecciones.html
Difficulty: 5
Best moves/pushes: 135/38

Author: Thomas Reinke
Title: Quagmire 3 #79 My Very Eyes
Date: April 2014
Difficulty: 8
Best moves/pushes: 319/67

Incredible level! A lot of difficult maneuvers!

Author: niwa
Title: Square Dance #20 The Big Lebowski
Date: January 2015
Difficulty: 6.5
Best moves/pushes: 453/149

Curious ... You will need to put your elbows on the table to solve it ...


  1. I have some questions.
    How were those solutions submitted? Is there any community for sokoban? (I'm new at sokoban.)
    And if possible, how can I see those solutions? Those levels are so hard so I want to see how they were solved.

    1. "How were those solutions submitted?"
      Most of the solutions are mine

      "Is there any community for sokoban?"
      Yes. I recommend these two websites of Sokoban:
      - Let's Logic
      - Sokoban.org

      "And if possible, how can I see those solutions?"
      I can copy and paste here same the solutions of 1 or 2 puzzles, if they interest you

    2. Oh, the first link you posted seems really awesome!! Thank you for introducing it!
      By the way, how can I see or copy those solutions? For example: http://www.letslogic.com/puzzle_info.php?id=878
      I'm also interested in optimized solutions for those official levels, but I have no idea to find them...

    3. With the exception of very specific cases, the Sokoban players do not publish solutions to levels, because then the level it is no longer of interest.

      "For example: http://www.letslogic.com/puzzle_info.php?id=878"
      OK. Here is:

    4. Oh, that was just an example. I already have a solution of it.
      By the way, so it seems it's impossible to see the solutions, at least from letslogic. Then is there any hope to see those solutions, well-optimized solutions for official levels?(I mean, levels from thinking rabbit) For a 'real' example, there is 422/174(p) of solution for sokoban perfect #208. I've found until 424/174, but couldn't find better one(letslogic seems also have same solution) and I have hundreds of levels like this...

    5. My best solution moves and pushes for SP-208 is: 418/178 :( Also I would like to see the solution 422/174 (p)... :O

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. And for the pyramids, yes, you're right. They will loose my interest if I get solutions without enough efforts. I'll try to solve those huge pyramids myself, and I will ask for a help if there's no longer hope. Thank you :)