08 March 2017

First steps

"First steps" is a selection of my puzzles and arrangements for beginners who want to start in Sokoban. I have divided "First steps" in three sets: Beginner, Advanced and Expert.

You can download all puzzles here:
First steps (140 puzzles)

First steps - Beginner (100 puzzles)
Since I started building Sokoban puzzles, I have always been enthusiastic about small simple-looking puzzles, but whose solution is not obvious. In this respect, 
I have admired the effort by the simplicity of some Japanese masters: Monry, Nakamiya, Hir... Subsequently, in some collections for beginners of David W. Skinner, Aymeric du Peloux, François Marques, Evgeny Grigoriev and František Pokorný, we also find many little jewels. And more recently, the latest collections of Thomas Reinke are incredibly amazing.

Concerning me, along the years, in them series "Miniatures" and especially "Magic Sokoban" I have gathered several hundreds of small puzzles and arrangements. My aim has been to build simple puzzles and at the same time tricky. If I've managed to build half a dozen puzzles with these two features, I would consider myself very satisfied.

"First steps - Beginner" is a selection of small puzzles of "Magic Sokoban" and other collections for those who start to play Sokoban. Despite their simple appearance, they are not easy: you almost never find the solution on the first try, and you always have to think to solve them.

A tip to learn Sokoban: the most important thing is not to find the solution, but "to understand it". When you solve a puzzle, do not leave it: try to solve it another two more times.


First steps - Advanced
(40 puzzles)
Is the continuation of the set above. The puzzles are a bit more difficult.

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