03 March 2011

魔物の番人 (Demon Keeper), by Hirohiko Nakamiya

魔物の番人 (Demon Keeper) (2002) is one of the most beautiful and interesting collections that can be played online on the Internet. The author of "Demon Keeper" is Hirohiko Nakamiya.

URL: http://miya.s16.xrea.com/selection/bannin/

In total there are 56 levels, divided into 8 stages of 7 levels each. There are also 7 additional levels that are played with limited steps.

Some of the levels come from other old collections by Nakamiya ("Nakamiya", "Practice levels" and "Joy levels"), but there are also some original levels.

Among the puzzles, there are truly wonderful, little gems of simplicity and extraordinary beauty. My favorites are these:

 Demon Keeper 3-3

Demon Keeper 5-3

 Demon Keeper 6-6

Demon Keeper 7-2

This #7-2 is a real gem!

I recommend this collection of Hirohiko Nakamiya, a great master of simplicity.

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