01 May 2012

Microban variations

A new collection. Click on the image or title to download

Microban variations
Authors: David W. Skinner and Jordi Doménech

May 2012. 149 puzzles

Most of these variations are from 2010. Some of this were posted in the Yahoo forum, but until now I have not decided to collect them in a collection. What sense does add some boxes or walls to increase the difficulty, in these puzzles that are for beginners, or even for children, such as Skinner says in its website? It seems to me absurd. But the difficulty is the law of gravity of Sokoban, and all the puzzles tend to the difficulty in the same way that a stone tends to the center of the Earth. It is inevitable. However, I am a strong supporter of the puzzles for beginners, i.e. of the easy and nice but good puzzles. In any case, here are these variations, that at least I have tried to make them attractive for all lovers of this classic and excellent David W. Skinner Microban collection.


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