01 May 2012

The beautiful world of remodels, 4

The beautiful world of remodels, 4
May 2012. 65 puzzles

In this set I include some of mine original puzzles, of difficulty similar to the remodels. This fourth series of "The beautiful world of remodels" is dedicated to zhenying.

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  1. Marcus Hof02 May, 2012

    I waited so long for this collection and now it is there and as always you did an excellent job. A great collection. I like it very much!!

    1. Thank you very much! :)

    2. Marcus Hof03 May, 2012

      Yesterday, I forgot to mention that I am the author of the original-level #30 - in original it is Revenge22 #13 - and I like your remodeled version more than my original one. By the way, Revenge 38 was uploaded yesterday on sourcecode.se .
      Can I please ask you two questions ? On your blog I read that you won't your level-collections be published on sokobano.de. Did you changed your mind ? I found "Small Chessboards" on sokobano.de a few weeks ago.
      On letslogic.com I found "Sasquatch XII" from David Skinner, but on his homepage there is no information that "Sasquatch XII" is finished. Do you know more about that ?

      Enjoy, have fun and keep thinking like a sokoban. :)
      Best regards !!

    3. Hello, Marcus! Of course, I know you and your puzzles and collections from the first day ... ;)

      I have not changed my opinion about sokobano.de. I not authorize sokobano.de to publish any collection mine, although I am grateful to Sokobano who has been updated my Pufiban collection - finally !!!! All my collections published in their website are without my permission.

      Regarding Sasquatch XII, see this post from Skinner on Yahoo:

      Best regards.