19 September 2012

Sokoban 30th anniversary 1982-2012

Without doubt, the most famous puzzle of all time is the Level 1 of the "Original" collection. But how many different versions have been made of this mythical puzzle? I have gathered here a total of 48 versions. However, it is likely that there will be more on platforms that I don't know. If you know any version that is not here, can you send me a PNG image and information about the game? Thank you very much. If I find new versions I will add to this post.

Author: unknown (Thinking Rabbit)
Game: 倉庫番 (Sokoban)
Title: Level 1
Developer: Thinking Rabbit
Publisher: Thinking Rabbit (Japan)
Platform: NEC PC-8801mk2, NEC PC-8001mk2, FM-7, MZ-2000, NEC PC-6001mk2, Toshiba Pasopia 7
Released: December 1982 

Author: unknown (Thinking Rabbit)
Game: 倉庫番 (Sokoban)
Title: Level 04
Developer: Thinking Rabbit
Publisher: Epoch Co. (Japan)
Platform: Epoch Game Pocket Computer (LCD Game)
Released: April 1985

This Epoch version was published later in "Sokoban Perfect" (Thinking Rabbit, 1989), level 22.

Author: unknown (Thinking Rabbit)
Game: Soko-Ban
Title: Level 01
Developer: Thinking Rabbit, ASCII Corp. (Japan)
Publisher: Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. (USA)
Platform: Apple II, DOS, Commodore 64, TRS-80 Color Computer

Released: 1988

Author: unknown (Thinking Rabbit)
Game: 倉庫番 (Sokoban)
Title: No.02-02
Developer: Thinking Rabbit
Publisher: Pony Canyon Inc. (Japan)
Platform: Game Boy
Released: September 1989 

Author: One No & Kirath
Game: Block-O-Mania   [Sokoban variant]
Title: Level 1
Publisher: Cassiopeia (Netherlands)
Platform: DOS
Released: 1989
Website: crystalshard.net/index.php?p=6#

Author: unknown (Thinking Rabbit)
Game: 倉庫番 (Sokoban)
Title: Level 252
Developer: Thinking Rabbit
Publisher: Riverhill Soft Inc. (Japan)
Platform: Sega Game Gear
Released: December 1990

Author: Seiichi Katsurada
Game: 倉庫番 Revenge (Sokoban Revenge)
Title: Stage 001
Developer: Thinking Rabbit
Publisher: Thinking Rabbit (Japan)
Platform: NEC PC9801, Sharp X68000, Windows 3.1
Released: 1991

Author: unknown
Game: XSokoban
Title: Level 51
Platform: X Window System
Released: November 1993
Website: www.cs.cornell.edu/andru/xsokoban.html

Author: Jim Radcliffe
Game: Sokoban 1994
Title: Adolf
Publisher: Jim Radcliffe (USA)
Platform: DOS
Released: 1994

Authors: Sergey Kononenko and Ilya Chudinovskikh
Game: Sokoban Classic
Title: Level 0001
Publisher: Mercury Software (Russia)
Platform: Electronika BK-0010
Released: 1995
Website: sergk.org.ua/mercury/

Author: unknown
Game: 倉庫番 in 上九一色村β3 (Sokoban in Kamikuishiki village β3)
Title: Level 8
Platform: DOS
Released: November 1995

Author: Tommy in Pennsylvania
Collection: MacTommy inventions
Title: Level 1
This collection was included first in the freeware MacSokoban, by Ingemar Ragnemalm, for Macintosh; and later in KSokoban (v0.1.0, August 1998), by Anders Widell, for KDE platforms.
Date: January 1996

Author: unknown (Thinking Rabbit)
Game: 究極の倉庫番 (Ultimate Sokoban)
Title: Stage 4 Chapter 1-01
Developer: Thinking Rabbit
Publisher: Itochu Corp (Japan)
Platform: PlayStation
Released: September 1996

Author: Gabi Lohmeyer
Game: Soko 1.1
Title: Level 3
Publisher: Gabi Lohmeyer (Germany)
Platform: Windows 3.x
Released: December 1996
Website: www.gl-soft.de/spiel.html

Author: A. Chudov
Game: склад N.º 18 (Warehouse No. 18)
Title: ID #000
Publisher: A. Chudov (Russia)
Platform: Dendy (?)
Released: 1997

Author: unknown
Game: Sokoban
Title: Level 10
Publisher: Softdisk Publishing (USA)
Platform: DOS
Released: 1997

(I'm sorry, but I don't have any JPG image of this level.)

Author: Newart (Viacheslav Kalinin)
Game: Sokoban
Title: Level 1
Publisher: n-Discovery (Russia)
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released: 1997
Website: n-discovery.spb.ru/games.php

Author: Thomas Jensen
Game: WSokoban! 2.0
Title: Level 16
Publisher: Thomas Jensen (Denmark)
Platform: Windows 9x/NT
Released: July 1998

Author: Kurt Nittel
Set: SokoNittel 1
Title: Level 1
Date: 1998

Author: Masato Hiramatsu (Hir)
Set: Arranged levels
Title: 閉め出されたラビくん
Date: August 1998

Author: Jurij Szczapow
Game: FortNoks - Sokoban remix
Title: Level 01
Publisher: Jurij Szczapow (Russia)
Platform: DOS
Released: April 1999
Website: pascal.sources.ru/games/fortnoks.htm

Author: Howard Abed
Collection: Fourth Set
Title: Level 1
Date: June 1999

Author: unknown
Title: (unknown)
Date: ?

Authors: Martin Hawlisch
Game: Enigma 0.50

Title: Level #10 Sokoban Revival
Publisher: Daniel Heck (Germany)
Platform (latest version 1.01): Windows 95 and later, Mac OS X
Released: April 2002
Website: www.nongnu.org/enigma/index.html

[Sokoban variant]

Authors: Thinking Rabbit, converted to enigma format by Ralf Westram
Game: Enigma 0.81

Set: Sokoban
Title: Sokoban 1 (with two versions: easy and normal)
Publisher: Daniel Heck (Germany)
Platform (latest version 1.01): Windows 95 and later, Mac OS X
Released: July 2003
Website: www.nongnu.org/enigma/index.html
[Sokoban variant]

Author: Alberto Garcia
Collection: Alberto Garcia 1-1
Title: soko1
Comment: This collection was included in the freeware Sokoban 2K, by Brian Kent.
Date: 2002

Authors: Ralph Karl Ohannessian and Caroline Lauchenauer
Game: Blocks Ultra
Title: Level 2
Publisher: Electronic Playground Studio (Canada)
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Released: October 2003
Play online: www.gotoandplay.it/_games/playGame.php?g=27

Author: Makc (Maxim A. Novikov)
Collection: Randomize
Title: Level 4 ceiwhune
Date: January 2004
Website: soko-ban.narod.ru/

Author: Eric F. Tchong
Collection: Aruba 8
Title: Level 2 Good old level 1
Date: September 2004

Author: Braingle Games
Game: Beanstalk Puzzle Game
  [Sokoban variant]
Title: Level 2
Publisher: www.braingle.com
Platform: online
Released: April 2005
Play online: www.braingle.com/games/beans/index.php?play=1

Author: Thomas Reinke
Collection: Sokomania
Title: Level 53
Date: July 2005

Author: Ghislain Martin
Collection: Monde 25 (Level 247)
Title: Thinking Rabbit style
Date: October 2005
Website: sokoban.pagesperso-orange.fr/

Author: Josef Stöckl
Game: Crazy Boxes 1.8   [Sokoban variant]

Title: Level 3
Publisher: Josef Stöckl (Austria)
Released: December 2005
Website: www.crazybytes.at/

Author: mario@zah.att.ne.jp
Game: 倉庫番クラシック
v1.44D - Tiny (Classic Sokoban - Tiny)
Title: Level 1
Publisher: mario@zah.att.ne.jp (Japan)
Platform: Windows
Released: January 2006
Website: home.att.ne.jp/wind/room_mario/soko/soko.html

Author: DespeRadoX
Game: Becherovka Summer Refreshment   [Sokoban variant]

Title: Level 3
Publisher: DataWeb (Czech Republic)
Released: September 2007
Website: game.becher.cz/?page=game&id=279

Author: Tom Beaumont
Game: Snakoban Dash!   [Sokoban variant]

Title: Level 1-1 The first warehouse
Publisher: Tom Beaumont
Released: October 2008

Author: Draku
Collection: Learning Sokoban
Title: Level 39
Date: March 2009

Author: unknown
Game: Box It! 2
Title: Level 3
Publisher: Digiment (UK)
Platform: JavaMe, Android
Released: April 2009
Website: www.digiment.co.uk/game.jsp?gid=BoxIt2
Play online: www.mochigames.com/games/box-it-2/

Author: Jordi Doménech
Collection: Original remixed
Title: Level 1
Date: July 2009

Author: unknown
Game: Super Sokobang   [Sokoban variant]

Title: Level 2
Publisher: Akita Multimédia (Canada)
Platform: Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Win 7, Mac OS
Released: November 2009
Website: akitamultimedia.com/produits/sokobang.php

Authors: anian + Jordi Doménech
Title: Sokoban 30th anniversary 1982-2012
Date: March 2010
Website: sokoban-jd.blogspot.com/2012/03/sokoban-30th-anniversary-1982-2012.html

Author: Erim Sever
Title: Erim_the 1's half_03.04.2010
Date: April 2010
Website: www.erimsever.com/sokoban.htm

Author: Jordi Doménech
Collection: Magic Sokoban 1
Title: Level 42 Original #1 Lilliput extreme - Dedicated to Erim Sever
Date: April 2010

Author: David W. Skinner
Collection: Microban IV
Title: Level 42 Classic level #1 revised
Date: August 2010
Website: users.bentonrea.com/~sasquatch/sokoban/

Author: David W. Skinner
Collection: Sasquatch XII
Title: Level 22 Original level #1 revised
Date: October 2010
Website: users.bentonrea.com/~sasquatch/sokoban/

Authors: David W. Skinner + Jordi Doménech
Collection: The beautiful world of remodels 4 #60
Title: Sasquatch XII #22 Original level #1 revised
Date: March 2012

Author: krisse727
Title: Level7
Comment: Posted in Let's Logic
Date: December 2010

Author: anian + Jordi Doménech + zhenying
Title: Sokoban 30th anniversary 1982-2012
Date: March 2012
Website: blog.163.com/changkai_8428/blog/static/7745191820123643317569/


  1. Nice work! Thank you! There are even skins that I've never seen before! Neither the levels that come with them!