14 September 2012

Super Sokobang

Super Sokobang
Akita Multimédia (Canada)
Released: November 2009
Platform: Windows98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista,
Windows7 / Mac
License: Commercial (registered version: $ 9.95)
Download trial version:


Some time ago I wanted to talk about this game. It is the best game of Sokoban released in recent years, especially by its excellent graphic design.

In fact, it's a Sokoban variant with additional elements that make the game more interesting and attractive. There are boxes/goals of different colors, rooms in the dark (to enlighten them, should be up to them a light bulb), closed rooms (to open the door, you have to carry a box-key and open the door), conveyor belts ... and trucks to transport boxes, moving forward/backward. This last is the most interesting element, mixing Sokoban with Rush Hour, the other great family of sliding puzzles.

There are a total of 40 levels, some "giants", that occupy several screens. In addition, you can download other 5 extra levels ($0.49 each). A standard player can complete all levels in about 6 hours.

There is a ranking score for each puzzle, according to time spent in resolving it. On the website of Akita Multimédia there is a Ranking with the general classification. It is curious to note that among the top 20 players classified, 16 have more than 40 years, and there is only a boy 11 year old ... Do children and adolescents do not like to think? It is a little disturbing...

Supports two languages: French and English. The trial version allows you to play for 30 minutes.

Graphic design is excellent. All items -boxes, goals, walls...- are displayed with great clarity and sharpness. The design is what I like most about this game. The handling is also very good.

Some levels are adaptations of the "Original" collection (level 2 = Original 1, 26 = O-12, 32 (second part) = O-38, 35 = O-43 ...).


The best
- Graphic design.
- The concept of the game, with interesting additional items.

The worst
- 40 levels are very few (60 or 80 levels would have been ideal...). Moreover, some levels are too easy, even considering that the game is intended for children.

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