17 October 2012

My favorite authors - Jean-Pierre Kent

Sokoboxx 2.13 - Psion Series 7

A few days ago, 随风而逝 ("Gone with the Wind") sent me two new levels, and in the same email he copied the level 63 of Jean-Pierre Kent, with a comment in Chinese that I couldn't understand very well, but in which he called "master" to Kent. I didn't remember the puzzles of Kent, and I ran to check your collection ... Fantastic puzzles! It was like coming home after a long absence ... I highly recommend the collection of
Jean-Pierre Kent to all genuine fans to Sokoban. It is excellent!

The collection of 75 puzzles of Jean-Pierre Kent, "JPK Levels" (November 1998), could be played in the program Sokoboxx, edited by FatCatz (Taiwan) for Symbian / EPOC platforms. These are the features of version 1.09 of Sokoboxx (July 1999):

Publisher: FatCatz (Taiwan)
Version: 1.09
Cost: $15.00
Platforms: Psion Series 5, Geofox-One, 5mx, MC218, s7, netBook

On the Internet Archive you can visit the FatCatz website and download Sokoboxx:

Here you can download the latest version 2.13 of Sokoboxx (April 2002):

You can also download the collection "JPK Levels" (in .sbl format):

RMRBoxx - Sokoban Logic Game, is a version for Symbian OS V5.0 platforms. Publiser: RMR Software. Website: http://www.rmrsoft.com/epoc/boxx.htm

In Sokoboxx, Kent's collection was accompanied by the following note from the author:

Levels by Jean-Pierre Kent
Most are original, some are inspired by earlier collections.                    
Exclusively for Sokoboxx
Copyright (c) 1998 Jean-Pierre Kent

Indeed, some levels are based on levels of the "earlier collections" XSokoban (1993) and Sokoban Perfect (Thinking Rabbit, 1989). These are the ones that I have identified:

Level         Based on
-------     ----------------------

13          XSokoban 57
          Sokoban Perfect 79
          XSokoban 53
          XSokoban 80
          XSokoban 59
          (reminds Original 30 - Sokoban Perfect 246)
          XSokoban 72
          XSokoban 66
          (reminds Sokoban Perfect 212)
          XSokoban 54
          XSokoban 79
          XSokoban 73
          XSokoban 81
          XSokoban 65
          Sokoban Perfect 196
          XSokoban 63

The puzzles of Jean-Pierre Kent are not easy, but they are affordable for the players with some experience. All of the puzzles posed problems of storage very well studied and a great originality, and sometimes unusual difficulty.

These are my favorites: #11, storage area in the center and circulation around..., excellent; #19, is my favorite, because its simplicity and for its difficulty; #50, original charge storage area; #60, entertaining...; #63, unusual charge storage area, very difficult to visualize, one of the puzzles of greater difficulty of the collection...; #68, very nice and interesting; #75, sophisticated problem of storage.

You can download the Jean-Pierre Kent collection here:

JPK Levels (75 puzzles, 1998)

In the file "JPK_levels_arrangements" I've collected 32 remodels, everyone I know (thanks to Eric F. Tchong and Philippe Lamat your help). I have checked the solution to all of them.

There are several remodels of York Shen (posted in the old Chinese forum SuperSoko), but the greater part of remodels are work of the Japanese authors monry and kazuo. These remodels were published in the mailing list Sokoban-ML (managed by Okiyasu, 1999-2001), and were collected by Masato Hiramatsu in the set "JPK arrange (scratch)".

Enjoy the excellent puzzles of Jean-Pierre Kent, one of the most interesting and personal collections of Sokoban.

RMRBoxx - Psion Series 5

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