10 October 2012

Sufrimiento, y no sólo en España


Pain, and not only in Spain

In Spanish:


In 1933, those guilty of all the evils of Germany were Jews.

From 2010, those guilty of all the evils of Germany are the countries of the South (the GIPSI).

Since more than two years, EVERY DAY, without missing a single day, the German press devotes their praise of the southern European countries.

Is repeated exactly the same story. The same systematic rubbish-propaganda. The same lies and same infamy. The same destruction. THE SAME ENORMOUS SUFFERING. The same brutality. The same stupidity.

Meanwhile, the barbarians, crammed with rubbish-propaganda against the countries of the South, are surprised and outraged when someone compares Merkel with Hitler. What ingratitude! How unfair!... But if Merkel does not have a mustache!